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Meet our stall holders

The stallholders are what make the market and here, in Chiswick, you will find some of the very best in the country. Every producer on the market takes time and effort every week into producing the very best of their product.

The idea of a farmers market is that you, the customer, can go and speak to the producer directly and ask anything at all about production methods, tastes, where it was made, what is in the ingredients….anything at all. It is a service that cannot be given in a supermarket which in this day and age, where traceability is so important, is what makes a farmers market so appealing.

Please note that due to market and staff schedules not all stall holders mentioned below attend every week.

Thee Olive Tree

Olive lovers will be spoiled for choice

23 different types of stuffed and marinated olives! You’ll also find feta cheese, feta-stuffed red and pipeline peppers, sun-blushed and sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, stuffed vine leaves, tapenade, humus, butter bean salad, boquerones, green and red pesto, harissa and marinated garlic. There is also the availability of specialty breads, soap and olive oil- so with friendly service and delicious food to match why not come down to the market!

Visit the website.

At the market weekly.

Ringden Farm

Since 1949 orchards have been cultivated at Ringden Farm

Located in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, on the Kent / Sussex border. The use of traditional pressing methods and slow pasteurisation preserves the real flavour of these English apples in the award-winning juices. Along with this, Ringden Farms offers a wide selection of fresh apples, pears and more depending on the season – so they are not one to miss!

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At the market weekly.

Astons Bakery

Top quality, hand-made breads

Syd Aston was one of the first organic bakers in London and has built up a reputation for quality which goes back many years. Syd has a background in farming, and so he understands fully the principles behind organic food from seed to loaf. His personal principles have not shifted since day one; top quality, hand-made breads produced on a small scale with minimum impact on the environment. Their loaves are mixed, fermented, shaped by hand, left to proof and then baked on the stone floor of a large deck oven.

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At the market weekly.

Ted’s Veg

Traditional South Lincolnshire Farm

Ted Dawson farms a full range of vegetables using traditional methods in south Lincolnshire. This family-run farm has been attending many of London’s farmers’ markets for around 10 years now – they have now built up a formidable reputation for quality. Their range of growing expertise means their stall always has something to make it stand out whatever the season. Look out for their exemplary artichokes in Winter, their mouth-watering asparagus in the Spring, their bendy cucumbers and knobbly squash in the Summer and massive juicy pumpkins in the Autumn.

Visit the website.

At the market weekly.

March House Farm

Family run Leicestershire farm

The beef, lamb and pork is reared on a family run traditional Leicestershire farm, which consists of rig and furrow permanent pasture, rich in natural grasses and herbs. The land has been farmed by the same family for 4 generations, with small-hedged fields, protecting natural wildlife and the environment. The farms are run by Daniel Belcher with the help of mother and father Heather and Mike. The beef herd consists of Angus and Simmental cows crossed with Lincoln Red, Simmental and Shorthorn bulls, producing single suckled calves. The sheep flock consists of Masham ewes crossed with Suffolk rams, producing lamb for the prime market. The small pig enterprise is based on the Gloucester Old Spot and Large White breeds crossed to get the best of each breed.

Visit the website.

At the market weekly.

Hook & Son

large variety of dairy products

Their aim is to manage a dairy herd that is truly sustainable; caring for the wildlife and environment around them, whilst making the farm viable enough to support themselves. They converted their farm to organic farming methods in 1998, achieving Soil Association certification in August 2000. This means that they farm without the use of any chemicals or routine antibiotics. With a large variety of dairy products on offer and the availability of non-pasturised organic milk and yoghurt, be sure to come along and see what they have to offer!

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At the market weekly.

Butlers Catering

from sausage rolls to quiches to brownies

Butlers Catering is a catering company providing an array of homely, delicious foods, ranging from sausage rolls to quiches to brownies. Butlers Catering produce delicious, wholesome and freshly baked products. They use premium ingredients from farmers and British businesses. They offer vegetarian & meat options and tend to adapt family favourites into innovative and nourishing products using healthy alternatives. Their stall is different every single time you visit it, and a lot depends on what is in season at the time and what suits their fancy – so there will always be a surprise for you!

At the market 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.

Lakonia Oils / Hellenic Deli

authentic and traditional Greek products

Their focus is on authentic and traditional Greek products including: delicious, flavoursome extra virgin olive oil, unfiltered golden honey, fruity olives, Fleur de sel sea salt, aromatic herbs and more. The deli industry has seen a resurgence particularly with the well-known benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. Lakonía’s warm, rocky hillsides along the Aegean Sea provide an exceptional climate for olive trees. Grown naturally on the sun-drenched slopes of the family groves, the olives produced here are among the finest in the world. Their product line also includes fine Olives, Authentic Greek Olive Oil Infusions, Wild Herbs and Teas, all handcrafted with the highest quality and authenticity. It is their privilege to share with you a taste of Greece, from their family to yours.

At the market weekly.

Flamingo Paperie

exclusive designs from talented artists

They pride themselves on the quality of their products and here are just a few of the things that make their cards special:

  • They only feature exclusive designs from our team of talented artists
  • They use high-quality board with Forest Stewardship Commission (FSC) accreditation
  • All of their greeting cards are produced and printed in the UK
  • Plant-based inks are used to minimise their impact on the environment
  • All of their everyday cards are blank for your own message. They are designed to be as versatile as possible.

At the market weekly.

Sotomayor & Sons

Spanish food with flair and warmth

Sotomayor & Son was established in order to bring authentic Spanish home cooking – real Spanish food – to the UK. We make real Spanish food with the flair and warmth of the best home cooking. With a Spanish mother and British diplomat father, James grew up all around the world, but Spanish home cooking was the constant in a childhood of change and adventure. Drawing on the heritage of his Galician family and his own distinct flair, James’ cooking blends true Spanish recipes, flavours and techniques with a deep regard for sourcing the best ingredients.

Visit the website.

At the market weekly.

Jubilee Farm

family run nursery based in Norfolk

They are a family run nursery based in Norfolk, who sell a large range of hardy, ornamental flowering shrubs, climbers and perennials. They also have a wide variety of spring flowering loose bulbs available from September to March. Potted bulbs and spring bedding available from February onwards. A full range of fruit bushes and vegetable plants also available in season. So if you are simply interested in gardening, or want a plant to brighten up your garden, Jubilee Farm is the stall for you!

At the market 2nd 3rd, 4th and 5th Sunday of the month from Spring and Autumn.

Big Wheel Cheese

the best of British cheeses

Big Wheel Cheese is a small independent cheese monger who sell cheese at a handful of farmers markets around London. Find them at our market every Sunday. Big Wheel Cheese sources it’s cheese from small artisan cheese producers across the U.K. Giving a platform to small independent makers who otherwise wouldn’t come to markets in London for various reasons. They provide a whole range of the best of British cheeses including cows milk, ewes, goats, raw milk cheese, vegetarian, blue, soft and hard. There really is something for every taste. They also provide a wide range of crackers and some yummy quince.

At the market weekly.


A Taste of Authentic Provence

Tariette is a French grocer whose produce is sourced directly from small, trusted local producers in Haute Provence. Their offering of regional products, from olive oil to chocolate, aims to reflect the seasons and showcase local traditions. All their producers are handpicked for not only the quality of their goods, but an honest, ethical, and sustainable approach. The company was started by Sylvie Jacquel and her sons, Thomas and Pierre. Born and raised in Haute-Provence, they share a genuine passion for local food and produce from their region. It was the good, honest food of Provence—no artificial flavours, frills, or glam packaging—that Thomas found himself missing after moving to London. For all the great British food he could find locally, there was nothing like the taste of home. The producers chosen by Tariette share some common values: tradition, excellence, and above all, a passion for their craft. Each one is at the top of their field for a classic Provençal product.

Visit the website.

At the market 2nd Sunday of the month.

Pads & Paws

Home made Dog and Cat treats. Real Meat and Fish

Un-uniformed delicious dried meat. From Chicken to Beef Steak. Good enough for you to eat, but made for Dogs. All stainable and we use biodegradable packets and re use glass jars . Low fat high protien and muscule building Treats. Life is so much easier when we’re all happy. Excellent from training and receiving all the attention you need.

Visit the website.

At the market weekly.


Traditional Brazilian sweets

Homemade traditional Brazilian sweets known as ‘brigadeiros’. Originally made with condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter, here they offer the gourmet version – made using fine ingredients like gluten free Belgium chocolate, and added cream. In addition to the traditional milk chocolate or coconut flavours, Chocoballs brings different toppings and colours to their products, gingerly rolling each individual sweet to result in a beautiful and tempting display. Adriana has learnt to make brigadeiros in Brazil as a child. When she had her own children in England, she made the sweets for their school events. They were ever so popular, that she decided to bring the ‘brigadeiro’ passion to local food markets. Shoppers have been falling in love for Chocoballs since 2016, adults and kids alike, and the top seller Salted Caramel flavour has been given epic status!

At the market 1st Sunday of the month.

RoniB’s Kitchen


RoniB’s Kitchen is a small family-run business based in Surrey championing the delicious and complex flavours of the Philippine Islands. Their range celebrates traditional flavours from Roni’s Filipino, Chinese and Spanish heritage, as well as modern products that aims to reflect the diverse tastes of the islands while keeping within local traditions.

All their producers are based on family recipes using quality ingredients that are free from anything artificial. It is the love for Philippine cuisine that Roni started this business, to share a genuine passion for Filipino food and it’s varied flavours.

RoniB’s Kitchen is a Great Taste Producer, a testament to the quality and taste of their products.

Visit the website.

At the market 3rd Sunday of the month.