The food market is a social enterprise

Proceeds from running it are used to improve and maintain Dukes Meadows park.

What We Do

Established in 1999, our market has a fantastic range of stalls. Every week, you can buy; fresh farm produce, fish, cheese, olives, artisan cakes and bakes, plus a range of ready to eat food. Have brunch or lunch as well doing your weekly grocery shopping.

The stallholders are what make the market and here, in Chiswick, you will find some of the very best. Every producer on the market takes time and effort every week into producing the very best of their product. They love to talk about their farm and produce, so if you’d like to know more about how the food they sell is produced, please ask.

Each week, come rain or shine top producers come and sell their produce.

What We Believe

The idea of a farmers market is that you, the customer, can go and speak to the producer directly and ask anything at all about production methods, tastes, where it was made, what is in the ingredients….anything at all. It is a service that cannot be given in a supermarket which in this day and age, where traceability is so important, is what makes a farmers market so appealing.

We support traditional animal breeds and organic fruit and vegetable varieties.

The Food Market Chiswick seeks to increase farm incomes and provide high quality local /seasonal foods to urban communities. We encourage sustainable methods of food production. We support traditional animal breeds and organic fruit and vegetable varieties. We encourage Londoners to take a greater interest in food production and rural issues.

The market puts you, the customer, in direct contact with the farmers, fishermen, growers and bakers. Many farmers have cut out the middlemen and no longer sell to supermarkets. On top of this, many farmers have established links with restaurants and other food outlets in London, selling to them directly. The market provides the hub to make it viable to drive to London.